Our Toastmaster Vivien Cowey introduced us to the theme of the meeting, ‘what’s happening in our community’. Roydon Gibbs introduced us all to a new word ‘denizen’ meaning an inhabitant of a place. Referring to how we all Boaters Toastmasters are denizen of the Speights Ale house.

Mark Glanville gave us his 5th speech at toastmasters with the goal of ‘let your body speak’. Mark took us through his love of catching, eating and hunting whitebait, we were all able to see the love Mark had for learning to whitebait on the Ashley river, Mark even used the word of the day when he became a denizen of the local river.

Suzanne Parsons gave us her Icebreaker speech; this is always a highlight. We learnt about Suzanne’s desire to live at Bondi Junction. Then we learnt about her determined attitude and strength of character to stay at the house she had always wanted. Fantastic Icebreaker Suzanne, and extra kudos for using the word of the day in becoming a denizen of the Bondi Junction area

Helen McLeod let us all join her on a phone call that support workers might receive at her job that assist the families of those that are struggling with mental illness. We were all moved with the work this organisation does.

Table Topics took on the theme this week of What is happening in our community. We heard from Terrelle re playing on the Margaret Mahy playground. Steven on which planet to live on. Louise spoke well about gardening. Charlene blew us away with hearing about her favourite date… Her wedding 2 weeks ago! Lastly Ian told us about the place to take his campervan!

It was a fantastic meeting enjoyed by everyone.

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