Sabine Parry

Managing Director of XBODY New Zealand Ltd


I mainly joined TM as I’d like to inspire thousands to look after their bodies as it the only place we’ve got to live. Another reason was to become more adequate in a foreign language and not to find myself stuck looking for the right vocabulary.

2016/17 I have been Secretary for Boaters and 2017/18 I have been VP Ed for Boaters and Area Director for G8 and looked after 5 clubs: Lincoln Research, Liffey, Bay Harbour, Ashburton and Timaru.

2018/19 I am VP for Boaters and Leadership Academy as well as Division D and E’s trainer, supporting the Division Directors and putting together workshops.

My main focus for this role is to increase the quality of clubs I these two Divisions (Canterbury down to Timaru, Nelson, Westcoast) and have fun doing so 🙂

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May 2015


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